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Product Website:

Production Information: Click Here for PI

NDC Code:  50419-0171-03 (3 bottles each containing 28 tablets of 40mg)

Companion Diagnostic: NO X YES X


Limited Distribution: NO X YES X 
Not available through retail pharmacies. Stivarga is distributed through a select network of Specialty Pharmacy Providers (SPPs)

Manufacturer Reimbursement Assistance: (Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline)

If there are financial barriers to fulfilling this prescription, Bayer may be able to help.

Patient materials currently available from your sales specialist:

 Stivarga Patient Resources

Direct to patient nurse/clinical support program:

REACH nursing services program at 1-866-639-2827. Patient will be opted in through the REACH enrollment form

Additional products/supplies for patients:

(Pillboxes; handcream, etc.)

Professional educational materials available from your sales specialist:

Stivarga Provider Resources

Materials will be forthcoming and distributed by Bayer and Onyx sales consultants. A REACH enrollment form is available for download at

The best source of updated product information is your pharmaceutical sales specialist.

To identify or connect with your specialist please contact:

Rick Solarz

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