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Rex Mowat, M.D.


Born in the hamlet of Adrian, Michigan in 1959, Dr. Mowat works at the Hospital of his birth.  Out of Jean by Jack, Rex was a rambunctious child, clearly ADHD in an older era.  Rex followed the typical high school and undergraduate path excelling in academics if not sports.  Voted most likely by his high school he achieved at least that.  Wayne State University School of Medicine followed Hope College where he excelled at achieving the next step.  Residency at William Beaumont Hospital followed by Fellowship in Hem/Onc at University of Florida quickly passed.  Since 1992, Rex has continued in private practice at the Toledo Clinic, with clinics in Adrian, Michigan.

Awards and accomplishments have followed largely due to Rex’s ability to just show-up and stay awake.  Chief of Staff Bixby Hospital, Member of the Board Bixby Hospital, Board Member Toledo Clinic, Managing Partner Toledo Clinic, Principal Investigator Toledo CCOP, Board Member the Alliance Research Base, Chairman of the Board OPR, Board Member MSHO, Board Member Promedica Cancer Institute, Author /Co-Author 11 publications, presenter poster session ASCO.  Father of 2 boys and husband of 1 wife.  Rex is most proud to have achieved a stable marriage with a loving wife who states she is single with income.

Editor’s note: Dr. Mowat is totally responsible for the content of this article!