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Earn Your Purdue University Certificate in Industrial Distribution

Convention Attendees Get Credits Towards Certificate

UID logoAs a founding member of the University of Industrial Distribution (UID), NAHAD provides the industry's premier educational offering, at the lowest possible cost.

UID is an annual four-day, university-based educational program where distribution and manufacturing professionals hone their skills and improve their competencies. Students choose their own full-day or half-day courses, offered by the industry's leading faculty and experts.

Since 1994 over 7,000 industry leaders have attended UID sessions. Through this partnership NAHAD members may earn the Purdue University Professional Certificate of Industrial Distribution upon the completion of 90 hours of eligible instruction that meets Purdue's requirement of 9 Continuing Education Units [CEUs] or CEU equivalents. There is no charge for the Certificate. The required 90 hours (9 CEUs) can be completed by:

1. Attending at least one four-day UID program (30 hours) plus 60 additional hours of approved continuing education credits, including NAHAD or industry-sponsored educational activities, or,

2. Completing two UID programs (60 hours) plus 30 hours of approved continuing education credits, or,

3. Completing three UID programs (90 hours).

Attendance at NAHAD’s annual Convention provides such educational credits. For 2013, attendees may earn up to 10 credit hours towards their Certificate.

Nancye Combs is presenting a session on Human Capital Investment – Selecting a Winning Sales Professional at NAHAD”s 29th Annual Convention to be held in Washington, DC in April. Here is an excerpt from her program for your consideration:

Hiring the best starts with a gatekeeper who understands what it takes to identify a great employee. Sales professionals need the knowledge of your products and services, along with the skills to mine for customers, land the accounts, follow through on their promises and build the business. Selecting the person with both the technical ability and the selling skills requires an arsenal of tools, as well as an understanding of the techniques for selecting a winning sales staff.

This rapid-fire interactive session will prepare you to identify great employee candidates and qualify them to become part of your sales team, using a valid selection system. You will learn from a pro and leave with the knowledge and tools that will be invaluable. Topics covered include:

  • What Do Hiring Specialists Look for in a Winning Sales Professional? – There are three key questions every hiring specialist needs to answer to qualify a sales professional.
  • Why is a Resume Inadequate? – The resume is a marketing tool and embellished to create a favorable image. You must know where to look and what to look for to avoid being “duped” by a phony resume.
  • What Questions Should You Ask? – The employment interview is the most critical part of the employment process. Learning which questions to ask is the key to finding a winner. You will learn them during your session.
  • Is the Expense of Pre-employment Testing Necessary? – Pre-employment testing is invaluable only if the process includes the right test to identify the right person for the job. Learn which tests are worth the time and money.
  • Are There Some Red Flags to Look for That Could Spell Trouble? – Red flags are the warning signs that success is unlikely with some sales candidates. Winning sales professionals need specific qualities that assure they can learn the work, make presentations, overcome objections, close the sale and manage the complete sales process. Learning to recognize them will reduce frustration and turnover.
  • Why is the Background Check Critical? – Negligent hiring is a rapidly growing legal problem. You will learn how to visit a free Internet site and quickly eliminate those who are the greatest threat to your business.

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October 31 - November 2, 2017

Sales Professionals Training Camp

Don Buttrey - Coach & Trainer

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March 11-14, 2018

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April 28 - May 1, 2018

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