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New NAHAD Affinity Program Introduced at NAHAD Convention in Washington, DC

NAHAD members had an opportunity to review a new member benefit at the recent NAHAD convention in Washington DC. Profiles International offers NAHAD member companies a unique and cost-efficient way to screen potential employees and to provide training goals during the new-hire phase.

Matching People to Jobs Can Help You Hire Top Performers and Improve Performance 

Profiles International

Have you ever hired or promoted someone who did not live up to your expectations?  If you did, chances are strong that the person did not possess the innate traits to execute the competencies of the job.  For example, in a management position, does the person have the internal characteristics to be a “people” person, big picture thinker, or confident leader?  In a sales position, is the individual internally motivated, a critical thinker, able to accept rejection?  By hiring or promoting the wrong person for the wrong job it is like hiring or promoting a rabbit to swim.  Rabbits may swim for a short stint, but eventually they will struggle, get frustrated and quit.  That is exactly what happens when we hire people for positions that are foreign to who they are.  It is a lot easier to hire rabbits to run and fish to swim.The only ways you can effectively match people to jobs is by measuring the “total person” with a valid, reliable psychometric assessment then match the results (innate traits) to the traits that are needed to perform the job in an exceptional manner.

With Profiles’ proprietary job fit assessment approach NAHAD members can utilize a proven methodology to be more efficient and effective in the hiring, promotion, training, development and coaching processes.  This information becomes a true enlightenment.  By using the Profiles’ approach members can now take an inventory of existing and future candidates to align each candidate with the role that capitalizes on their strengths.  Job match is virtually impossible to do without using an assessment specifically designed for that purpose.  Human judgment is too subjective and does not objectively quantify a person’s intangibles.  The Profile XT Assessment takes an inventory of an individual’s thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests.  It also provides results in seconds!

“Our goal is to empower NAHAD members with an easy, accurate, and understandable means that will help them link people to their business strategies, i.e., top line growth, workforce performance, customer experience and profitability,” says Anthony Pantaleone, NAHAD’s contact at Profiles International, Inc.

How often have companies promoted the top sales person to management only to find out that the person fails?  This scenario happens too often, only to disrupt the whole department and have a negative effect on morale within the company.  Consequently, the promoted employee suffers from stress, tension and conflict because the position is unnatural to him or her. 

“We use Profiles’ assessment tools to assess new candidates and the assessment describes each candidate in accurate detail.  The information is a very valuable component in our decision making process“, says Joe Thompson, President, NAHAD.


To learn more about our new partnership with Profiles International, Inc. and special pricing for NAHAD members please contact, Anthony Pantaleone, Regional Vice President @ 888-773-8835 or or visit the Value Partners page on the   website.