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NAHAD Hose Safety Institute: Enhancing Value for Members and the Industry

The NAHAD Standards Committee used the occasion of the April 2011 NAHAD Convention in San Diego to unveil its newest initiative, designed to raise the members' and public's awareness of hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.

NAHAD's new Hose Safety Institute will serve as the home for NAHAD's Hose Assembly Guidelines program, managed by the NAHAD Standards Committee and supported by Hose Safety Institute members and a new Institute Advisory Council.

According to Sam Petillo of Goodyear/ Veyance, NAHAD's Standards Committee chairman, "NAHAD continues to evolve the Hose Assembly Guidelines initiative, ever since its inception in 2000. Great progress has been made over the years in helping members to benefit in the marketplace through adhering to the Hose Guidelines safety standards. It's all about enhanced member value, and with the support of scores of members, and now with the engagement of the wider industry and end-users, we can deliver so much more in the coming years."

"It is hoped that the name itself, Hose Safety Institute, rather than the former 'Listed Member' program, will better deliver the value that the committee has been promoting for so long, providing members with a much more marketable asset and a cleaner, more focused value proposition for NAHAD members," stated Petillo.

NAHAD spoke recently with Standards Program Manager, Debbie Mitchell (pictured left) to get a bit more detail about the Institute, and to clarify the changes that are now taking place. Here's what she had to say:

NAHAD NEWS: What do I need to do as a NAHAD Listed Member to join the Hose Safety Institute?

Mitchell: The traditional renewal process for the Listed Member program will be converted to the Hose Safety Institute membership renewal process beginning July 1, 2011. You will receive all reminders, renewal forms, etc. as you normally would.

NAHAD NEWS: Can I still use my NAHAD Listed Member logo on company literature, etc.?

Mitchell: Yes, although it will be phased out over the next two years. The new Hose Safety Institute Member logo is currently available and will be provided to all Institute members beginning with their renewals in July 2011.

NAHAD NEWS: Are my NAHAD exams and exam certificates still valid?

Mitchell: Yes - there are no changes to the exam program at this time, although the new Hose Safety Institute Member logo will be used on all future certificates. As updates are made to the Hose Assembly Guidelines materials, any resultant changes to the exams will be announced, but that process would proceed regardless of this transition to the Hose Safety Institute

NAHAD NEWS: Will I get new exam certificates noting Hose Safety Institute instead of the Listed Member program?

Mitchell: Yes; updated certificates using the new logo will be issued for all existing certificates.

NAHAD NEWS: Will Hose Safety Institute Membership cost more than membership in the Listed Member program?

Mitchell: No - the same annual fee of $300 per Distributor location will be applied, renewable each July.

NAHAD NEWS:Will my company receive a new Institute Membership Certificate reflecting the Institute?

Mitchell: Yes - new certificates, logos, and related marketing materials will be provided as part of your renewal package in July 2011.

NAHAD NEWS: May non-NAHAD companies join the Institute?

Mitchell: Yes and no - non-NAHAD companies may be invited to participate as members of the Institute Advisory Council. Hose Safety Institute Membership is only available to NAHAD members who agree to comply with the Institute Membership requirements.

NAHAD NEWS: What happens to my Listed Member profile page on www.hoseguidelines.com?

Mitchell:This web site will merge with the new NAHAD.org web site, available in late spring. Institute Members will be highlighted through the 'Find an Institute Member' feature on the site. With the involvement of the new Advisory Council, this website should gain additional visibility and credibility, significantly enhancing your marketing potential.

NAHAD NEWS: Will there still be an annual audit process for Institute members?

Mitchell: No, as members join or renew their Institute Membership they will agree in writing to comply with the Hose Safety Institute Membership Requirements.

For more information visit www.nahad.org or www.hosesafetyinstitute.org

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