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Kaman Industrial Technologies Uses VoIP to Solve Business Challenge

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation (Kaman) was shown to be at the forefront of using technological innovations to solve business challenges recently. Their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system allowed the company to provide uninterrupted service to customers during Hurricane Irene and Winter Storm Alfred. Despite power outages at nine branch locations in Irene’s path, Kaman’s VoIP system successfully re-routed over 1,350 calls per day, allowing customers in the affected areas to reach a live service representative immediately.

Kaman’s VoIP system represents a ground-breaking business model within the industrial distribution industry. Piloted in the first half of 2010 and fully implemented across all 184 locations by June 2011, the VoIP infrastructure routes customer calls to an available expert seamlessly in the local area or to a nearby location in the network. The system also allows efficient call transfer between all of Kaman’s locations, ensuring that customers always reach a company expert on the first try, even during peak call periods or severe service outages.

“Kaman’s investment in communication systems and information technology allows us to offer customers service that is unmatched in the industry,” said Donald O. Roland, Vice President, Customer Service for Kaman. “While Hurricane Irene was a trial by fire, it demonstrated the VoIP system’s ability to facilitate guaranteed live service, part of Kaman’s commitment to exceed customer expectations.”

Kaman’s VoIP system was designed to accelerate response time, increase customer satisfaction and improve operating efficiency. The system relies on an AT&T Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) system to link over 2,660 phones at more than 180 locations using the company’s existing data network. Kaman installed a scalable Avaya phone system that combines centralized architecture and voice mail with supervisory call monitoring. The company partnered with AT&T and Carousel Industries to select hardware and software and to design and install the system. Nutmeg Technologies provided the cabling infrastructure.

Hurricane Irene caused extensive flood and wind damage along the East Coast in late August. Kaman experienced power outages lasting up to two weeks at nine branches in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In late October, Winter Storm Alfred dumped snow over the Northeast, closing Kaman’s headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut for three days. The VoIP system allowed Kaman to service customers effortlessly throughout the aftermath of both storms, with most unaware that the company was experiencing power outages.

Earlier this year, Kaman’s VoIP system earned the company a place on the InformationWeek 500, which identifies and honors the nation’s most innovative users of information technology annually.