NAHAD Educational Opportunities

With a dual emphasis on safety and employee performance, NAHAD offers professional development and job training content offered in a diverse variety of formats.  Click on the respective link to find out more about:

HSI Regional Training

NAHAD hosted its first annual Hose Safety Institute in-person training program, September 10-11, 2019 in Cleveland, OH. This program was designed to promote and encourage the adoption of HSI guidelines and best practices in hose design, manufacturing, and fabrication. 

Discussion for the 2020 Regional Training are underway.

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NAHAD Academy

The NAHAD e-Learning program, NAHAD Academy, is designed to ensure all member organizations, regardless of size or budget, have access to affordable, quality, and relevant industry education content. NAHAD Academy offers members the opportunity to enhance and/or augment their onboarding, training and employee development programs. 

Target Audience:  Fabrication and Sales Employees, Managers

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Employee Development Roadmap

This Roadmap provides member companies with important and timely Human Resource updates, policies and templates, as provided by Executive Consultant, Nancye Combs and identifies key positions within the typical NAHAD distribution company, by title, with sample Job Task Descriptions for each.

Target Audience:  HR and Recruiting Specialists

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Hose Safety Institute

NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute offers resources, both printed and online, that provide industry-leading performance standards for hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling, and management.

Target Audience:  Fabrication and Sales Employees, Managers

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NAHAD Annual Meeting and Convention

The Conference schedule has been designed to optimize educational and networking opportunities for attendees through a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and educational workshops. 

Target Audience:  Upper Level Managers and C-Suite Executives

SAVE THE DATE: April 24 -29, 2020

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NAHAD Webinars

Throughout the year, NAHAD schedules 30-50-minute webinars focused on a variety of topics of interest to both Manufacturers and Distributors.  Members can participate in these programs live or listen later to the online program recordings. 

Target Audience: Mid and Upper Level Managers

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University of Innovative Distribution

UID is a powerful four-day educational experience specifically designed for Distributors.  Held each March, this program provides exceptional educational sessions that are unique to the wholesale-distribution industry. 

Target Audience: Mid and Upper Level Managers

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Sales Professional Training

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession - Sales Professional Training Camp is a comprehensive 2 ½ day training concentrates on practical skills, tools and fundamental disciplines that are essential for sales professionals and a productive sales team.

Target Audience: Sales Employees and Mid-Level Sales Managers

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