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NAHAD TeleCONNECT - Monthly Online Seminars

NAHAD's TeleCONNECT online seminars provide low-cost, convenient insights and updates on timely technical and business topics, so that employees in various positions are able to participate in programs that are the most helpful for their own area of interest and expertise. Each TeleCONNECT seminar lasts 60 - 75 minutes and includes opportunities for Q&A. Sessions are scheduled at mid-day to allow participants to conduct lunch-time training sessions.

Questions about any of these TeleCONNECT Seminars? Does your company want to present a future TeleCONNECT Seminar? Contact Beth at bhiltabidle@nahad.org or call the NAHAD Office at (410) 940-6350 or 1(800) 624-2227.

TeleCONNECT Archives

Upcoming Seminars & Events


March 5-8, 2017

University of Innovative Distribution

JW Marriott Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

Click Here to purchase any of the archived TeleCONNECT recordings!

February 2014 - Industry Best Practices for Hydroblast Hose Assembly Applications, presented by the Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council and Standards Committee 

The Industrial cleaning industry operates some of the highest pressure equipment, in what are often the most diverse and time critical applications.  Hydroblasting (5,000 – 55,000 psi) has the potential to be a high risk craft if not managed properly. 

This webinar will discuss a comprehensive approach to ensure worker safety, one which requires equal effort in three critical areas: behavior based safety, standard equipment design and maintenance, and employee training to the standard.  While each area is of equal importance, this webinar focuses on best practices in standard equipment design relating to hose assemblies, based on input from hydroblasting contractors and hose and equipment manufacturers and distributors.

May 2013 - Strategic Pricing for NAHAD Distributors, presented by Brent Grover, Evergreen Consulting, LLC

This session focuses on the latest value-based pricing strategies and tactics in distribution channels. You'll learn best practices in automating the pricing function while creating flexible pricing structures for today's complex markets.

 Strategic pricing topics addressed in this event:

  • Extracting and analyzing data from your ERP system
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Segmenting customers and product lines
  • Automating the pricing function
  • Best practices in executing a strategic pricing program

June 2013 - The SELL Process—Your Offense, presented by Don Buttrey, President, Sales Professional Training, Inc.

Selling is interaction with a customer - where there is an objective to accomplish.  On the field, phone, and in your distributorship—that happens every day.  Anyone in your company that has contact with your customers must know how to SELL.  This webinar will teach how to prepare and execute highly effective customer interactions.  This is especially important for salespeople who can improve call success by this powerful pre-call planning process. Also, everyone on the support team including parts counter, service mangers, sales managers, inside sales etc. will get hands-on help from this webinar.

September 2013 - Performance Reviews - An Invaluable Management System, presented by Nancye M. Combs, President/CEO, HR Enterprise, Inc.

During the recession, many companies were forced to layoff long-term employees for the first time.  The ideal method of selecting the least productive employees for downsizing hit a major snag when layoffs could not be defended because of the lack of documentation.  With no consistent performance reviews, older workers found it easy to sue for age discrimination and they did!  It was an expensive lesson learned.  More and more companies are now implementing a formal performance review process to assure they are identifying and addressing performance issues.  This web cast will provide both advice and tools to launch a performance management system that can be sustained.

October 2013 - Hunting for Cash:  Analyzing Customer Profitability, presented by Jason Bader, The Distribution Team

Are all customers created equal?  Isn’t that what we teach our customer service people?  If we asked our people to list the top 10 customers, how would they rank them?  If we asked them to list the top 10 most profitable customers, would we receive the same list?  In many organizations, the people that work with us and for us equate our largest customers with our most profitable.   During this session, participants will learn how to rank their customers based on contribution to net profit.  By understanding which customers contribute to our overall profitability, we can allocate our value added resources to those folks who help us grow.  Conversely, we can begin to reduce services to those customers who make us jump through hoops, drive down prices and continually pay slow.  Distributors have a finite amount of money to invest in service.  Let’s make sure that we are investing in the right customers.