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I Want to Participate in the Payment Plan (One-Time $25 Fee). NCCET offers participants the ability to make periodic payments for the total amount due. The total amount due will be divided into equal payments and automatically processed on your credit card through our secure, automated service. The fee to participate in this Quarterly Payment Plan is a one-time charge of $25. This one-time fee will be charged at the time of the first of the payments.
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If you selected any BUT One Time Payment, pick PAY BY MAIL and we will call you to get your credit card information so that we can directly enter into the system for the frequency of payments selected. If you selected One Time Payment, please proceed with paying via credit card or by mail.

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Tax ID # 52-1245251
(A NCCET W-9 Form can be found on the NCCET website at on the bottom of the Contact Us page.)
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