May 01, 2020

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 
The world is changing due to the pandemic and NCDA is still providing "professional development, publications, standards, and advocacy to practitioners and educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals." Now, when careers and lives are drastically changing, you can rely on NCDA, and Career Convergence in particular, to be supportive.  Renew your membership or join online now.


Coping Strategies for Helpers – A Holistic Approach

By Marty Apadoca, Karen Lucero, Liz Daniels, and Tiffany Martinez-Durant

During the time of a global pandemic, many helpers are navigating altered work procedures and delivery of care to ensure their clients’ needs are met. Drawing attention to often over looked areas of support can assist helpers in developing a holistic approach to their current situation.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers

Collaborative Initiatives Between Counselor Preparation Programs and Disadvantaged Schools For Early Career Development

By Kathleen Marie Barrett

Counseling theorists, child development specialists, educators, and virtually every professional counseling association agree that early career development is important, especially for children in poverty. In reality however, few young children actually receive these needed services. Is there untapped potential in collaboration between schools and universities to effect needed change?

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Independent Practice

Stay-at-Home Parents and COVID-19: What to Explore Before Starting a Job Search

By Christine Walker

With unemployment rates at record highs, many stay-at-home parents may need to return to the workforce to contribute to family finances. Clarifying parents’ needs around timing and work-life balance and exploring their strengths and sources of meaning are important steps before they embark on a job search.

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Reducing the Critical Skills Gap Likely to be Widened by COVID-19 Pandemic

By Michael Herrera

The critical skills gap in areas such as construction, advanced manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare continues to widen in the United States. Predictably, the timing and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis will further expand this existing gap. The gravity of the anticipated job losses is quite alarming This article highlights ways to promote career and technical education to help close the existing skills gap.

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Practical Strategies and Evidence-Based Approaches to COVID-19: One Institution’s Response

By Billie Streufert and Mark Blackburn

Post-secondary career practitioners teach students to navigate transitions and vocational uncertainty. COVID-19 amplified this curriculum. Fortunately, practitioners can use theory and research to guide their practices. This ensures compassionate, proactive, equitable, and comprehensive responses.

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Supporting Clients during COVID-19: Role Expansion and Skill Improvement

By Jesse Brady

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit organizations that provide support to clients with a variety of personal and occupational needs have had to alter services. Career services providers can learn adaptive techniques and role expansion from their colleagues in mental health fields. This not only supports the clients but aids in all workers' career development.

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How are NCDA Members Responding to the Rapid Changes in the Work World?

By Melanie Reinersman

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused an infinite number of changes in the lives of workers around the world. Likewise, career development practitioners and educators also must face changes. While the daily disruptions are evident already, long term effects are yet to be seen. Here are the stories of several NCDA members who share their experiences, wisdom, and concerns with the goal of keeping us all feeling connected in a disconnected world.

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Tech Tips

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Tip Provided by Melissa A. Venable, PhD,