February 28, 2024

Dear $$Nickname$$,

NCDA has selected you to participate in “Mentoring Moments” at the 2024 NCDA Global Career Development conference.

We acknowledge your role as a leader in the field and the organization. This new program at the NCDA conference aims to replace previous mentoring programs with a select experience that still serves as a means of fostering collaborative relationships and advance the profession and the mission of NCDA. Before you accept our invitation to be a mentor, please read more about this new initiative below.


We believe you will benefit from participation through an increased sense of fulfillment and personal satisfaction when giving back to your profession, a fortified connection to NCDA, and further enhancement of your skills in leadership, coaching, and reflective practices.


During the 2024 conference, early professionals will have the opportunity to engage in “Mentoring Moments”. This will entail 15, 20, or 25-minute moments where experienced career development professionals will connect with early career development professionals for the purpose of answering a general career question, to promote professional development and/or self-care. During this time, mentors will foster a sense of belonging and community by facilitating meaningful and personalized conversations and explore NCDA resources and opportunities for engagement. These moments will not only impart knowledge and skills but will also inspire mentees to explore their career potential and pursue their aspirations.


After the conference, all participants will be invited to virtual gathering sessions (details tba). Further connections between you and participants will be left to your discretion, as this is not intended to be a one-on-one mentoring matching program. I anticipate that new networks will evolve and extend beyond the time-frame of the conference. Ultimately these mentoring moments will create intentional collaboration and mutual growth within various professional and personal spheres.


By saying Yes to participating in the 2024 “Mentoring Moments” you agree to spend one or more hours of your time at the conference with a few early career development professionals who signed up. The meetings will take place in the Exhibit Hall and the schedule is limited. After the conference, we hope you will attend the future virtual Mentoring Moments, as your schedule permits.


Will you say Yes now or will you at least think about it? Please use this link to view the details and sign up before Monday, May 13, 2024.


Mentoring can play a significant role in shaping the future of the association by investing in the development of future leaders. Mentoring contributes to the cultivation of future leaders by nurturing talent, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. As mentees arise into confident, competent professionals, they, in turn, become mentors themselves, perpetuating a cycle of knowledge sharing and mentorship that sustains growth and progress for NCDA for years to come. Thus, the importance of mentoring stretches far beyond individual benefits, enriching the lives of students, clients, entities and the career development profession at large.


We thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to see you at the Global Conference in San Diego, particularly in the Exhibit Hall Mentoring Moments booth.


Remember these moments could have a lifetime impact…..


Sharon Givens, PhD, LPC/S, CCC, CCSP
NCDA President 2021-2022; Mentoring Moments Director
Visions Counseling and Career Center, Columbia, SC



Melanie Reinersman, MA
NCDA Website & Web Magazine Editor; Mentoring Program Coordinator