Mark Danaher

Mark Danaher, NCC, MA, GCDFI, is a CDF Instructor and Career Counselor/Educator for Manchester High School in Manchester, Connecticut.

Mark holds two Masters Degrees in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology from University of Connecticut and Eastern Connecticut State University.  For the last eleven years, Mark has been working at Manchester High School (MHS) in the Career Services office.  Mark has shared his expertise with schools within the state as they look to start or improve the career centers within their schools or districts.  Mark has received numerous awards for his services that he provides to the students, faculty and parents of Manchester.  He was recognized as Manchester High School Teacher of the Year in 2006-2007 and as Manchester District Teacher of the Year 2006-2007 for his efforts in teaching and counseling students about career.  Mark went on to become a Finalist for Connecticut Teacher of the Year for his career work.

Mark is an accomplished presenter, he has presented at the local, state and national levels on career related topics.  He has been teaching the Career Development Facilitator (CDF) training and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with his students.  Mark recently became a Master Trainer for the CDF program and has started training others to become CDF instructors.  He has had the privilege to hold leadership positions in Connecticut and now on the NCDA over the past few years.  Mark has served as President of Connecticut Career Counseling and Development Association and now as the North Atlantic Region Trustee.  Mark lives in Cheshire, Connecticut with his wife and 2 wonderful children.