On May 13th, Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) introduced legislation that will eliminate 43 of the 80 K-12 education programs run by the Department of Education, including one program that is very important to NCDA members. H.R. 1891, the Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act, threatens to cut Elementary and Secondary School Counseling by eliminating a competitive grant program authorized by No Child Left Behind to expand elementary and secondary counseling opportunities.

Members of Congress need to hear from advocates like you that this essential program cannot be eliminated. Call and let them know how important funding for Elementary and Secondary School Counseling is to you as a constituent and a career development professional.

To find out who your Representative is, go to www.congress.org and type in your zip code (and full address if needed). Next, call the House switchboard at 202-225-3121 and the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Members’ offices. Once you've reached them, let the person answering the phone know that you would like your Member of Congress to go on the record in opposition to cutting this crucial program. You can use the following script as an example, but please personalize:

I am calling to ask the Senator/Congressman to oppose the elimination of Elementary and Secondary School Counseling in H.R. 1891. This program offers invaluable opportunities for career guidance in the schools where it’s needed most. As a career development professional, I know how pivotal school counselors are in preparing and inspiring students to think about the future and choose the career path that is best for them. I look forward to the Congressman’s/Senator's response and would ask that you please take down my address and keep me informed of any new developments regarding this legislation.  Thank you.

Additional Legislative Announcements for NCDA members can be found under "myNCDA" (located on the far right side of the purple navigation bar). 

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for sensitizing NCDA members to current and pending school and educational issues that warrant legislative action and to promote, develop, and monitor federal legislation relevant to career development services.  This Action Alert is sent in accordance with the established guidelines and procedures of the National Career Development Association.  NCDA recognizes the commitment of our members to career development and encourages individual members to consider advocating for the profession to the extent that it is comfortable and appropriate for them.  Individual member voices are critical to our collective advocacy efforts and NCDA looks forward to providing support whenever possible. 

Comments or questions can be directed to the Committee Chair, Thomas Stowell at tom@tomstowell.com.