Rich Feller, Ph.D. http://mycahs.colostate.edu/Rich.Feller

Helping others maximize their talent and promoting life role choices within work, learning and community is where Rich finds encouragement. Inspired by lifelong learners, those working in career and technical education, and those who intentionally manage their career, he tries to honor others, promote access to learning, and foster hope in changing times. As an elementary, junior high, vocational school and admissions counselor he taught parent education, ACT’s Decide program and was an athletic coach. Having completed training with Albert Ellis and Carl Rogers he learned to appreciate the value of rational thinking and the power of reflection.  One of the early graduates of Richard Bolles’ two-week Parachute workshops he appreciates the value of self-inventory, skills analysis, strength identification, and positive psychology. While on the faculty at Northern Illinois University he was mentored by David Tiedeman and came to appreciate the utility of career information systems, and designing one’s career. Within Colorado State University’s Counseling and Career Development program he promoted career counselor industry immersion programs following the Boston University-General Electric model. Fortunate to have received numerous teaching awards, as one of twelve Colorado State University’s Distinguished Teaching Scholars he teaches courses in career development counseling, and organizational performance and change. Having completed projects and presentations on six continents and 49 U.S. states he’s consulted with groups ranging from NASA, NSF, and the United Nations to the Asian Development Bank, Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, and Peru’s First Lady.  His publications include three books: Career Transitions in Turbulent Times (with Garry Walz),  Knowledge Nomads and the Nervously Employed (with Judy Whichard), and A Counselors Guide to Career Assessment Instruments (with Ed Whitfield and Chris Wood) ; three film series, A Better Way,  Tour of Your Tomorrow and Making the Most of Your Abilities (all with Joe Vasos); and the Harrington-O’Shea Career Decision Making System and www.CDMInternet.com (with Arthur O’Shea) used by over 14 million users, and  www.stemcareer.com a website or those seeking and promoting STEM careers.  A Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Nationally Certified Career Counselor (NCCC) and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado he’s an NCDA Fellow and recipient of the NCDA Eminent Career Award. He and Barbara, a physical therapist, are the lucky parents of Chris, a college sophomore.