The University of Arkansas' Professional Development Institute

by Barbara Batson

The Professional Development Institute
University Of Arkansas
Career Development Center

Vision and Mission
The PDI aims to be a leading and nationally recognized career development and training program, committed to enhancing student professionalism and empowering students to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment or for graduate / professional school. It's mission is

In the Professional Development Institute, students receive assistance with resumes, cover letters, interviews, and etiquette. PDI students also participate in core training i.e., Diversity in the Workplace, the 30-second commercial, personal branding, and managing finances. Students earn credits (co-curricular) for participating in experiential education (service-learning, internships, Co-op, externships, etc.). They are expected to provide leadership and service within the campus community.
PDI students are assigned a Career Coach who guides them through career decision-making and job search. Although the Coach leads the students by providing resources, information, and encouragement, one of the goals is to help students become more self-directed.

PDI Objectives
Students choose to be a part of the Professional Development Institute for the following reasons: