Career Negotiations: Power Tools to Use

by Joni Daniels

Unless you are facing any of the above workplace scenarios, you may believe in the old saying “Ask and you shall receive”. Asking for what you want, however, is not always as important for your employer as it is for you. And it’s rarely easy. Beth Ann Wilson, Career Consultant, reports savvy professionals often ask for advice on how to handle workplace negotiations. Next time you are preparing to ask for what you want at work, bring along your Power Tools to negotiate for what you want, and often deserve.

Tools to Use

When It Works
Employing these strategies and skills can support your efforts to manage your career more proactively, so that the results of the opening scenarios could be:
Career negotiations are not unlike any other negotiation. You need to determine the issues before you discuss them. For each issue, be clear about your value proposition, state the business case, and know your bottom line. Think about what concerns will be raised and be ready to address them so that they are not obstacles to reaching an agreement. You may have to have more than one conversation to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, you will need to be persistent and be prepared to exercise patience. Times DO change, so once you have a strategy, plug in your power tools before engaging in a job remodeling. When you manage career negotiations well you and your organization will be pleased with the results.

Joni Daniels,M.S. Ed, is Principal of Daniels & Associates, a consulting practice in the Baltimore area that specializes in Management Training and Development. A nationally recognized trainer, professional speaker, consultant, author, and entrepreneur, Joni has helped professionals at all levels to develop effective interpersonal skills. For more information, please visit www.jonidaniels.com or contact joni@jonidaniels.com