June 30, 2011

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

NCDA Annual Membership Meeting

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lone Star DEF, 2nd Level


10:22 am: Meeting Called to Order (Butler)


Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve 2011 Annual Meeting Agenda made by: Michelle Beese, California

Seconded by: Marsha Boettger, Michigan

Motion Carries


Approval of 2010 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes made by: MargeDussich, Georgia

Seconded by: Mark Danaher, Connecticut

Motion Carries


Membership Report

June NCDA membership 5,071


Treasurer’s Report

Questions from the Floor:

Robert Chope, California What explains the variability on the Marketable Securities? Who makes decisions on those? Do we make sure that those investments are consistent with NCDA values? Answer: NCDA’s Finance Committee (Executive Committee) is responsible for reviewing investments annually and ensures they are consistent with the NCDA Financial Policy.  In addition, NCDA does have a financial advisor who also supports the Executive Director.  Both funds are in very conservative investment accounts.


Old Business



New Business

Motion to accept the establishment of a state charter for the Arkansas Career Development Association (ACDA) made by Ron Cathey, Louisiana

Seconded by: Tina Johnston, Texas

Motion Carries


Nominations and Elections


Mark Danaher

Lisa Severy



Cynthia Marco-Scanlon

Belinda McCharen


North Atlantic Region Trustee

Lourdes M. Rivera

Ellen Weaver Paquette


Southern Region Trustee

Ron Cathey

Tom Stowell



Motion to Close Nominations made by: Marsha Boettger, Michigan

Seconded by: Pat Henderson, Texas

Motion Carries


Volunteers to join the 2011-2012 Nominations & Elections Committee:

1. Marie Zimenoff, Colorado

2. Brian Hutchison, Missouri

Motion to Accept Volunteers made by Marsha Boettger, Michigan; Seconded by David Blustein, Massachusetts; Motion Carries


Question from the Floor: Given the labor dispute issues in which Hyatt Hotels has been involved, what is NCDA’s relationship with Hyatt and how have we dealt with the controversy? The board addressed these concerns with Hyatt management in conference calls and it is our understanding that those disputes with Hyatt have been resolved.


Presidential Status Update


Motion to Adjourn made by: Janet Wall, Maryland

Seconded by: Deeta Lonergan, Alaska

Motion Carries