How can I find a career counselor?

  • The NCDA list of Approved Counselors and Professionals is online. You can search by-name or by-state.
  • A listing of National Certified Career Counselors in your state may be obtained from:
         National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)
         3-D Terrace Way
         Greensboro, NC 27403
         (800) 398-5389
  • Many states have counselor licensure laws and state boards that oversee this licensing process. Check your local phone directory under state government or check with your public library for the address and phone number of your state counselor licensing board. You may contact them for a list of licensed counselors or to check the credentials of a specific counselor.
  • Use the telephone yellow pages. Check under career counseling. As you scan names, check to see if they describe their credentials in the yellow page ad. When you call, ask these types of questions:
    -- Are you a National Certified Career Counselor?
    -- Are you licensed to practice counseling in this state?
    -- Are you a member of a national or state career counseling professional association?
    -- What special training do you have in the area of career?
  • Ask friends and family for the names of career counselors with whom they have worked.
  • Check with the library to find lists of career services in educational and community agencies such as colleges, community colleges, public school adult education programs, state employment service, vocational rehabilitation, or special career services.