Book Review by Charles Lehman

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, believes that, globally, there are not enough good long term full time salaried jobs, much less great jobs, to meet the growing needs and aspirations of the world’s population. As this situation worsens, the fiercest competition of the future will be for those jobs. Societies that create them through economic activity will advance; the remaining nations will stagnate or decline. Therefore economic, rather than military or political, power will become the primary measure of national strength.


The author is very concerned that the United States is not faring well in job creation and could lose out, particularly to China, unless there are some major changes which he enumerates:

Most of the changes must be driven by local community and educational leaders; the national government is not capable of accomplishing these changes in his opinion.



The author makes some good points in emphasizing how globalization of economic activity will become critical in determining the future rise and fall of nations and particularly how that relates to jobs. He identifies and explains important educational and economic activities that the US must accomplish to successfully compete.


Some of his implementation solutions could be debated such as


Importance to Career Development

While the book is directed toward local leaders there are a number of elements that strongly impact career development. The analysis and conclusions, even if they do not wholly correct and do not play out exactly as the author anticipates, have major implications for career counseling. Career educator and counselors will play an important role in addressing many of the concerns raised and the solutions proposed.



Author of the Coming Jobs War

Jim Clifton is Chairman and CEO of Gallup. This book is based in large part on his company’s Gallup Worldwide Poll and the Gallup Path economic model. His expectation of a major employment crisis is receiving a lot of national attention and should be of interest to career educators and counselors.




Charles LehmanCharles Lehman runs an economic consulting company in Albuquerque, NM. He retired from the New Mexico Department of Labor where he worked on labor market information and supervised state wide implementation of the Workforce Investment Act. He is a charter member of the New Mexico Career Development Association. He may be contacted at CLehman@nm.net.



Cynthia Marco Scanlon on Tuesday 05/01/2012 at 10:40PM wrote:

Wonderful job, Charles - excellent review of a book that I need to read ASAP! THanks!

Elisabeth Sanders-Park on Wednesday 05/02/2012 at 08:35AM wrote:

Thank you for the review, Charles. I recently read 'The Coming Jobs War' and found it very interesting. It offers useful framework for thinking, and many possible steps forward in these challenging times.

Ellen Weaver Paquette on Wednesday 05/02/2012 at 11:01AM wrote:


Many thanks for your review, it will become an additional to my graduate career counseling class reading.


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