State "Best Practices" list

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State Leaders will benefit from the following list of BEST PRACTICES. 
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State Name:  Maryland
Contact Name/Email:  Marilyn Maze, mazemd@hotmail.com
Best Practice Title:  Website and Conference
Description:  If you are looking for a better website for your state division, please read the Career Converence article called "Membership, Money, and Marketing => Website" under the NCDA News column. 

STATE NAME:  New Mexico
CONTACT NAME/EMAIL: Charles Lehman, CLehman@nm.net
BEST PRACTICE TITLE: Workshop Sponsorship for Fundraising and Membership Services
DESCRIPTION: The NMCDA annually sponsors one day ethics training professional development workshops required by the state counselor licensing board for certified counselors by arranging for an instructor, facilities, materials, certification, registration and publicity. Registration fees cover all costs plus a profit of $2000-$2500/workshop.

STATE NAME: Colorado
CONTACT NAME/EMAIL: Wendy Winter-Searcy, wwinter@du.edu
BEST PRACTICE TITLE: Board Development
DESCRIPTION: Since we are all volunteer board members, the CCDA board has evolved over the years to create specialized roles to carry out the functions of offering training, networking, and other professional development opportunities to career development professionals in the state. For example, when the board noticed that the Training Chair required a significant investment of time, we split the position into three, with specific duties for each. That way, each person could focus on their area, while collaborating with the team and entire board. As a result, CCDA is able to offer consistently two high quality training events per year.

The second part of board development is that each board member comes on the board as an elect for a year before taking over their specific role. They are able to attend board meetings, assist the current officer, train for their role, and learn about the organization before having to take over a task. This "succession planning" allows for identifying and developing new leaders so that there is an ongoing pool of potential officers. The blend of new ideas and stability from seasoned members brings a valuable perspective on strategic direction. Board meetings are held consistently, monthly through the fall and spring to create momentum and opportunity for communication.


STATE NAME: Colorado
CONTACT NAME/EMAIL: Wendy Winter-Searcy, wwinter@du.edu
BEST PRACTICE TITLE: Statewide representation
DESCRIPTION: As Colorado is a geographically diverse state like many in the West, and CCDA represents the entire state, we have developed two ways to address the needs of members across the state. For the first time, the board has had an opportunity to participate in board meetings virtually. While we continued to hold meetings in person, those who would be coming from a significant distance had the option this year to call in to a central teleconferencing number. This option allowed for officers at a distance from the Front Range to be informed and to participate fully in discussions and decisions. Second, we have board positions called Connections Chairs to lead regional groups that meet for networking and professional development. Denver, Boulder, Northern, Southern, and Western Colorado each have a representative on the board to address issues in their area, to share news and information, and to coordinate gatherings on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The Connections groups typically meet to network with each other and share resources as well as to learn from local experts in interesting topical areas. In addition, the Connections Chairs have the option of hosting a community service event during National Career Development Month, and have held very successful community-based resume reviews in partnership with local libraries. The annual conference and training events have participation from a wide range of geographic as well as practice areas as a result of the outreach from Connections.