November 16, 2022

National Frame Builders Association
announces Year Two of our partnership with ITR Economics
to help members make data-driven business decisions!


National Frame Builders Association is excited to begin year two of our partnership with ITR Economics, an economic forecasting firm that will provide Rex Roundtables member companies with additional economic intelligence to drive practical and profitable business decisions.

Established in 1948, ITR Economics has earned its reputation for being First in Forecasts Worldwide. Their unique forecasting methodology sets them apart from the rest of the industry, empowering them to achieve an unmatched accuracy rating of 94.7%, four quarters into the future.


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Through this partnership, NFBA members have access to several new resources, including:

  • Monthly articles, providing ITR Economics’ data-driven, non-affiliated perspective on current events will clear away the noise and allow you to truly understand what is going on in the economy around you.
  • Pilot Programs with their subscription services:
    • Insider™ empowers subscribers with the most accurate economic data, enabling them to mitigate upcoming risk and make profitable decisions for their companies. Your Insider subscription includes the ITR Advisor™, monthly Leading Indicator updates, a three-year US Economic Outlook Dashboard, and topical webinars.
    • Trends Report™ provides the economic forecasts, insights, and strategy to give your business the edge. Subscribe to this industry-leading forecasting publication and receive updated forecasts throughout the month, covering the complete spectrum of US and world economies.
    • DataCast Essentials™ was designed for the entrepreneurial CEO who wants a near-term view of where the business is headed, as well as actionable intelligence – with this forward view in mind, what actions should be considered?
    • DataCast Pro™ was designed for the business leader or market analyst who wants a deep dive into market trends driving the business. The tool enables you to find areas of opportunity, spot sectors that could pose a risk to the business and incorporate its analytical output into your own internal forecasting processes.
  • Exclusive discounts on all their online subscriptions and non-subscription services.


Be Sure to check out this month's ITR Economics Monthly Article:

A Snapshot of the Labor Market


The ITR Advisor is a simple, quick, timely, and affordable way to stay informed about the state of the economy, with useful guidance and clear action points. This $199/year value is yours, just for being a member of NFBA.

Click Here to Read the Full ITR Economics October 2022 Advisor Report


National Frame Builder's Association members can learn more about the ITR Economics partnership by contacting JaMaya Tate, Director of Education at 614-459-0770.