November 30, 2022

ITR Economics
November 2022 Monthly Newsletter:

We are so excited to be working with ITR Economics to offer the biggest impact on your business strategy. ITR Economics is well known for its unparalleled forecast accuracy rating of 94.7% four quarters into the future, as well as its unbiased and business-minded economists.
Through this partnership, ITR Economics has provided us with an Economic Portal page for all our members. This page is packed with free economic resources to benefit your organization.
Along with these complimentary economic resources, you will also have access to ITR Economics’ pilot programs. You can get a 30-day trial to each of the firm’s premium services, such as Insider™, the Trends Report™, DataCast Essentials™, and DataCast Pro™, to help your company become more profitable.
We highly suggest you visit the Economic Portal to see which programs can have the greatest benefit to you and your business. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the new partnership or any of ITR Economics’ services.

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Examining Third-Quarter GDP Results

Here you will find information on:
  • Third Quarter Results
  • The ITR Outlook
  • Risks to Growth
The ITR Advisor is a simple, quick, timely, and affordable way to stay informed about the state of the economy, with useful guidance and clear action points. This $199/year value is yours, just for being a member of NFBA.


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National Frame Builders Association members can learn more about the ITR Economics partnership by contacting JaMaya Tate, Director of Education at 614-459-0770.