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Al Walker, CSP, CPAE

It's impossible to hear Al give a speech and not get more excited about your own business and life. His delivery is as powerful as his message. He is outspoken, direct and humorous, but most of all he is effective. Whether it's an after dinner, luncheon or keynote speech; multiple days of training or a workshop, you will be glad you brought Al to your organization!

Al Walker is president of Al Walker and Associates, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals solve problems through professional speaking, training and consulting services. Al and his organization specialize in results-oriented training programs. They have conducted over 1,400 training programs and workshops for organizations from the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Al is a masterful teacher and is nationally recognized for his unique, fun-loving, humorous approach to speaking.

In 1981, he started his own company. His international client list includes IBM, Pepsi Cola, Super-Valu, The Trane Company and Konica Business Technologies. Al's articles on Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Personal Development have appeared in professional publications throughout the world.

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