Diabetes Awareness Toolkit

Diabetes Awareness Month (November 1–30) provides NYSPMA the opportunity to help educate the public about a podiatrist’s critical role on the diabetes management team, and the ways in which patients with diabetes can take simple steps to prevent foot complications, such as vascular disease. Join us in supporting APMA’s campaign, which provides a host of new educational materials for both member and patient use, including an online resource page, free poster, newsletter, social media posts, feature articles, shareable multimedia, and more. Many of these materials will be customizable, so you can provide the patients in your community with information most relevant to them. Click the links below to download the digital toolkit with all campaign materials.

Also, be sure to visit the NYSPMA Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the month of November to like, share and join the conversation.

NY-Specific Diabetes Awareness Month (2019) Materials: 

  1. Form Letter to Physician Colleagues with Diabetic Patients
    • Market your practice & increase awareness for the value of podiatry with this easy fill-in-the-blank word document template letter.
  2. Sample Social Media Posts
    1. Comprehensive list in a word document with countless pre-written social media posts to copy & paste into any social media platform 
  3.  APMA's Fall '19 Edition of Footprints
    • APMA's Educational Newsletter
    • PDF document 
  4.  'Don't Lose Your NERVE' to Diabetes Factsheet
    • A printable PDF fact sheet to hang in your office, distribute to patients, or post online. 


Diabetes Awareness Month 2018


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