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OAPA Student Scholarship Information

Student scholarships are awarded at the OAPA Annual Conference.

There are three categories: General Scholarships, Past Presidents Leadership Scholarship and Diversity Scholarships.

The General Scholarships are selected from students who submit applications outlining why they chose the PA profession, what their future plans are as a PA and what interests and activities they have outside the classroom.

The Past Presidents Leadership Scholarship is awarded by the OAPA Past Presidents Council. Applicants possess the characteristics of what the Council envisions in a future leader within the profession and have vision and a high degree of faith and confidence in themselves to attain these visions. They are to become the spokesperson of the profession. They are self-motivated and able to communicate to their peers their expectations.

The Diversity Scholarship is awarded by the OAPA Diversity Committee. Diversity in healthcare is becoming increasingly recognized an essential component of delivering quality, patient centered care. A personalized approach to patient care encounters can significantly improve health outcomes aided by recognizing the diverse qualities of medical providers and the individuals they care for.  The Diversity Scholarships are in response to these goals.

2018 Scholarships

Applications are available for the 2018 student scholarships.  Three General scholarships and  one Diversity scholarship will be awarded and one Past Presidents Leadership scholarship will be awarded.  You must be a member of OAPA and AAPA for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible to apply.  Deadline for application is September 5, 2018.

General Scholarship Application

Diversity Scholarship Application

Past Presidents Leadership Scholarship Application

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