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February 10-14, 2018

20th Annual Pain Symposium

Orlando, FL

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Friday - October 11:

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura - JP Thompson, PA-C

X-Rays and Imaging - James Zedaker, PA-C

The Latest on PA Certificatin from NCCPA - Greg Thomas, PA, MPH

Gross and Microscopic Hematuria - April Gardner, PA-C

Suicide Prevention - Bernard Williams, Jr.

PTSD and PTSD Treatment - Heather Axtell, Psy.D.

Telehealth at the VA - Craig Dickson

Burns: A Basic Approach and Understanding - Kelli Huesman, PA-C

Saturday, October 12

Preparing for an Active Shooter Event - Jeb Sheidler, PA-C

HPV and Atypical Pap Smears - Gheryl Geng, PA-C

Digestive Diseases - JP Thompson, PA-C

Cardiac Arrythmias - AJ Farah, PA-C

Linking Cultural Competence to Improved Health Outcomes
Patricia Hogue, PhD

Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine - Ashley Fernandes, MD
Slides not available at this time.

Scratching the Surface - Dermatology in Children
Terry Nagy, PA-C

PA Formulary Update - Teresa Hoffmann-Ash, PharmD

Sunday - October 13

Concussions in Adolescent Athletics - Randy Orsborn, PA-C

Affordable Care Act - Josanne Pagel, PA-C
Slides not available at this time.

Myocardial Infarction - AJ Farah, PA-C

Perioperative Evaluation - Andrew Conkle, PA-C