What Can a PA Legally Do?

On October 15, 2015 new, improved PA laws went into effect.  The Ohio State Medical Board has provided guidance documents for the PA laws that are now in effect.

PA Permissible Services

This document outlines what a PA can and cannot do under the new law.

NOTE:  Page 2, 4730.03 ORC allows a PA to delegate to RNs and LPNs.  Page 3, 4730.203 ORC only restricts delegation of medications to unlicensed personnel (i.e., Medical Assistants), not to RNs.

PA Physician Supervision

This document outlines the responsibilities of the supervising physician.

New Supervision Agreements and instructions are now online on the Medical Board website.  A PA may begin working 5 days after the Medical Board receives the Supervision Agreement.  Keep a copy on file at your practice.

If you have existing Supervision Agreements, the Medical Board advises that you do not need to submit new Supervision Agreements.  You will use the new Agreement forms when the Agreements come up for renewal in 2017.  The Medical Board advises that you should create a document now that refers to the fact PAs can now delegate to non-licensed personnel.  Keep the document on file in your office.  See A-2 in this document.

PA Prescriptive Authority

This document outlines details of PA prescriptive authority.

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) - Statutes

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) - Rules

Please note that in a health care facility (i.e., a hospital) the PA's practice is governed by the policies of that facility.