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Pai Proposes Moving EEO to Enforcement Bureau

FCC chair Ajit Pai has proposed moving oversight of its Equal Employment Opportunity rules from the Media Bureau to the Enforcement Bureau.

That came on what Pai identified as the 50th anniversary of the FCC's commitment to make sure the national policy against discrimination applied to broadcast licenses as well.

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Pai circulated a proposal to the other commissioners Wednesday (July 3) based on a recommendation from the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council 9MMTCA); NAACP; National Urban League; LULAC; and Rainbow PUSH Coalition that enforcement of EEO rules should be in the Enforcement Bureau.

"Fifty years ago today, the FCC ensured that our national policy against discrimination in hiring applied to broadcasters," Pai said. "And on this important anniversary, I’m pleased to propose another step toward ensuring equal employment opportunity in the communications industry. By deploying staff tasked with enforcing the commission’s EEO rules in the Enforcement Bureau, we’ll be able to improve the FCC’s enforcement of those rules and strengthen our commitment to fighting discrimination.”

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