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December 2008

Julie Jones


I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. It provides a nice mix of tradition, food and gratitude which are all important to me. Many years ago when I was a student, I joined the American Dietetic Association since it was "suggested." Little did I know what an impact ADA and other professional organizations would have on me personally. I've formed many friendships and found many other dietitians that I can call on when I need advice or direction. I've found that dietitians give of their time and talents freely for our profession and are great friends to have. I want to wish each of you a happy holiday season filled with tradition, food, gratitude and, of course, some fun.

Financial Update


Recently, Ron Moen, CEO of the ADA, addressed the financial stability of ADA.   Complete Story amp;nbsp;In order to be good stewards of our association, ADA has elected to forgo the face-to-face meetings for the Public Policy Workshop held in Washington D.C. and the Spring House of Delegates meeting. Both meetings will now be held electronically. I applaud ADA's use of this technology so these messages can now be spread to a larger member audience. Please read the updates provided on the Public Policy Workshop by Pat McKnight.

The Ohio Dietetic Association has a strong financial position and has sufficient operating reserves not maintained in the stock market. Our reserves remain fully insured by the FDIC. ODA is also following suit with ADA and is investigating in electronic technology in order to extend our resources. Lynn Esselstein, our Communications Coordinator, and Jeannine Windbigler, our Executive Director, are close to reaching an agreement with a provider for this service.

ODA Award Nominations for 2009: Due December 15th


Nomination for the following ODA Awards should be submitted electronically by December 15th to

Emerging Leader Award
Member Merit Award
Outstanding Contribution by Non-Member Award
President's Award
Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year
Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year
Special Project Grant

Awards information and Applications can be found on the ODA web site, Click here



Ohio delegates Sue Kent (Chair of Delegates), Cinda Chima, and Karen Bakies participated in the House of Delegates meeting in Chicago in October. The HOD discussed the following issues: 1) Draft Revised Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics; 2) Identifying Mega Issues; 3) Nutrition Informatics; 4) Nutritional Genomics and 5) ADA Bylaws Revisions. Reports on the current activities and financial status of the ADA and initiatives of the ADA Foundation were provided.  Click here for HOD Fall Report

Draft Revised Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics
The Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics, revised by the ADA/CDR Code of Ethics Task Force, was presented to the HOD. All ADA members and CDR credentialed practitioners are requested to provide input on the draft revised Code of Ethics by January 23, 2009. Input can be provided by using the following link:

Identifying Mega Issues
Delegates identified and discussed issues to be placed on the Mega Issues list as possible future discussion topics for the HOD. During December 2008 and January 2009, delegates will prioritize and refine this list of issues and solicit additional issues from members.

Nutrition Informatics
Based on the dialogue session, the HOD will refine and prioritize the ideas and strategies identified by delegates and meeting participants. Results will be shared with all ADA organizational units in January 2009. ADA members are encouraged to increase and/or enhance personal knowledge and application of nutrition informatics in all practice settings.

Nutritional Genomics
As a result of the dialogue session, the HOD will request the ADA Board of Directors to consider identifying nutritional genomics as a top priority for ADA. ADA members are encouraged to develop personal goals for increasing knowledge and understanding of nutritional genomics to prepare for the future.

ADA Bylaws Amendments
The HOD took action on two ADA Bylaws Amendments by approving the revised mission and vision statements for CDR and the inclusion of a new section to recognize Member Interest Groups. The ADA Bylaws have been revised to reflect the amendments and can be found at

ODA Member Awards, Special Recognition, Appointments


Congratulations to the following ODA Award winners who were honored at ADA's 2008 FNCE in Chicago:
ADA Medallion Award Winner: Anne Raguso, PhD, RD, (Cleveland)
ADA Excellence in Practice: Ainsley Malone, MS, RD, CNSD, (Columbus)
ADA Judy Ford Stokes Award: Deborah Girvin, RD, LD, (Dayton)
ADA Distinguished Member Award: Shirley Ekvall PhD, RD, LD, FACN, (Cincinnati)
ADA Outstanding Member Award for the Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group: 
        Nancy Nevin-Folino, MEd, RD, CSP, LD, FADA, (Dayton)
CD-HCF Distinguished Members, Area 5 Award: 
        Sharon Zwick-Hamilton, MS, RD, LD, CDE, CSG, (Cleveland)
ADA Research DPG, Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Emma Bah Ray
ADA Research DPG, Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Celia Struble
50 Year Members
Marion Cremer, PhD Worthington (Columbus district)
Charlotte Rich, RD Cambridge (Columbus district)

Congratulations to Nancy Nevin Folino, MEd, RD, CSP, LD, FADA, who has been named Chair of ADA's Council on Future Practice. The Council will make plans to implement the Phase II Education Task Force Recommendations.

Sadly, Barbara Kuzma-O'Reilly led a courageous battle against a rare brain disease and died October 31, 2008. Barb is known nationwide as a respected nutrition researcher, diligent neonatal nutrition practitioner, and a nutrition mentor. She will always be remembered for her analytical approach to the dietetics profession and will be sadly missed. Donations are being accepted at BKO Foundation, c/o 5/3 Bank, 7536 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43617.

ADA Public Policy Workshop
Interested in public policy ADA's Public Policy Workshop (PPW) will be offered by Webinar this year on February 8 & 9, 2009. All ODA members can and should participate from the comfort of your home or office. The webinar is FREE and there will be CEU credit.


ODA will assemble a team of members who live in each of Ohio's 18 Congressional Districts. This team will be trained through the webinar on Feb 8 and Feb 9 and then schedule three meetings with Members of Congress in the home district between February and Labor Day. We are looking for ODA members who are willing to be on these teams. Please send your name, home address and e-mail to Tekla Madaras, ODA's Public Policy Coordinator, and then put a "hold" on the afternoon of Feb 8th and day of Feb 9th for the webinar. Additional details to follow. Questions, contact Tekla or Pat McKnight at

For more information on PPW 2009, Go to ADA web site Advocacy and the Profession, Under ADA Makes a Difference, click on PPW and open Outline Format for the info about 2009 PPW.

This work on federal legislation will be a good lead in to our ODA Advocacy Day on state legislation, March 18th in Columbus. Please put the date on your calendar.

ODA Website Updates


ODA Strategic Plan 2008-2013 and Program of Work
ODA's Board of Directors approved ODA's new Strategic Plan that will drive our activities for the next five years. The Program of Work are ODA initiatives and actions for the current year. Please find these valuable documents on the Members Page of the ODA website,

Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound

ODA is co-sponsor of Ounce of Prevention, a program designed to prevent and address the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. ODA members can take advantage of the free Ounce of Prevention tool kit, which includes simple nutrition and activity messages to help prevent obesity through the first 12 well-child visits.The Tool kit is also available in Spanish.
Karen Bakies, RD, LD is ODA's representative to Ounce of Prevention. Additional information is also available from Ann Weidenbenner, MS, RD, LD at the Ohio Department of Health.
The Toolkit is available. Click here

Recent ADA News 

ADA's Consumer Opinion Survey
Nutrition and You: Trends 2008 presents a vivid picture of American consumers' current attitudes and offers an opportunity to trace the evolution of people's knowledge and beliefs about food and nutrition over nearly two decades. For more information, Click here


Restaurant Labeling Initiative
Many dietitians have asked about ADA's position on the Nutrition Labeling in restaurants. To learn more, read ADA's President, Martin Yadrick's, memo based on results of the Restaurant Nutrition Labeling Task Force. (Add link from ODA's website)

ADA Diabetes White Paper:
Click here

To help members understand their roles and responsibilities as providers of nutrition care for Medicare Part B beneficiaries with diabetes, the ADA has created a white paper, ADA Diabetes White Paper? Defining the Delivery of Nutrition Services in Medicare MNT versus Medicare DSMT programs. The paper describes medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and diabetes self-management training (DSMT) services covered under Medicare Part B, and the role of the RD and other healthcare professionals involved as program instructors in DSMT programs. The paper will be in the February Journal of the American Dietetic Association and is posted on ADA's web page: Click here


Education Opportunities: Webinars and Live Webcasts

Call to Leadership: Elevating School Wellness to a Higher Level, sponsored by Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK). Live FREE webcast: December 8th at 3:00 pm ET at Quest Conference Center (8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, OH 43240). A panel of experts will lead an interactive and candid discussion of how to close gaps in school wellness, as recently highlighted in AFHK's report, Progress or Promises?:  What's Working For and Against School Wellness report. Registration: Click here

Today's Topics in Health Disparities Series:  "Are Health Disparities Back on the National Agenda?  Examining the Impact of a New Administration and Congress," moderated by the Kaiser Foundation. Live Webcast: December 9 @ 1:00 pm ET. Learn new opportunities for new policy initiatives to tackle issues of racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care from a panel of experts tackling current issues and answering questions from webcast viewers. Click here  

Nutrient-Rich Foods: A Positive Approach to Building Healthy Diets sponsored by National Dairy Council and Dairy Council Mideast. Free Webinar: December 11th, 2 -3 p.m ET. The National Dairy Council and Dairy Council Mideast invite you to participate in a FREE national health professional Webinar, where leading researchers will discuss nutrient-rich foods (NRF) and using the NRF approach to build a healthy diet. CDR has approved 1 CPEU. Registration: Click here



ODA Legislation & Public Policy Advocacy Day
March 18, 2009
Vern Riffe Center
Columbus, Ohio
ODA Public Policy Day
Dietetic Intern & Student Day
April 1, 2009
Vern Riffe Center
Columbus, Ohio
ODA Annual Conference
Set Sail for Sustainability - Act locally for a healthier Ohio
April 27 & 28, 2009
The Lodge at Sawmill Creek
Huron, Ohio