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Economic Conditions and ADA's Response

From: Ronald Moen, ADA Chief Executive Officer

DATE: November 12, 2008
TO: Affiliate Presidents, Dietetic Practice Group and Member Interest Group Chairs
FROM: Ronald S. Moen, ADA Chief Executive Officer
cc: ADA Board of Directors, E-Team
SUBJECT: Economic Conditions and ADA's Response

While the American Dietetic Association's overall financial health is good, it is important that we take steps to protect against the potential future effects of an extended decline in the general economy. In light of current economic conditions, ADA's Board of Directors, working with the Headquarters Team, has reviewed and identified opportunities to reduce Association expenses for the current fiscal year. This is prudent, given the Board's responsibility to protect the assets and the long-term financial viability of Association and all its organizational units.

The Board has decided to reduce expenses wherever possible related to transportation, housing, per diem, foodservice, audiovisual and printing. ADA will restructure face-to-face committee, task force and workgroup meetings, holding them via conference call or other electronic technology (teleseminar or webinar), including: ADA's House of Delegates Meeting Spring 2009 and ADA's Public Policy Workshop 2009

Due to the nature of the work that needs to be accomplished, there were only a few exceptions. The following will conduct only one face-to-face meeting: Nominating Committee (December 2008), Council on Future Practice (January 2009), FNCE Programming Planning Committee (January 2009), Finance and Audit Committee (April 2009), ADA Board of Directors (May 2009; additional two face-to-face meetings were replaced by conference calls)

Regarding the Association's investments, we are in continual contact with ADA's advisors, who recommend we be patient and not dramatically change our investment philosophy.

I encourage you to look carefully at your group's approved budget and identify saving opportunities in the event they become necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your ADA staff liaison.