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Thank you Board Members!

<P>Our Retiring Members:</P><P>Marti Andrews, Past President. Marti and I have served on the Board together a long time. Thanks Marti for the fun, laughter and wisdom. I'd also like to thank Marti for her service to ODA as she "officially" retires from the Board.</P><P>Tracy Shipe, Treasurer. Tracy made sure the financial needs of the organization were met and I appreciate her willingness to take on this task. Thanks Tracy for your commitment over the past few years. Enjoy your R and R. </P><P>Lorna Fuller, Council on Practice Chair. Lorna, you ROCK. The lady who seemed to be able to juggle so many things in the air, SUCCESSFULLY, so that our 2009 Annual Conference was both education and fun. Click here for Conference photos </P><P>Sue Kent, Chair of Delegates. I appreciate Sue's continued commitment to ODA. She is a staunch supporter of the organization and provides great OHIO leadership to ADA through Delegate and Nutrition Care Process activities.</P><P>District Presidents: a special thank you to the district presidents who do double duty supporting their own district association as well as participate on the ODA Board. The districts serve as a vital communication link to you our members.</P><P>Kathleen Houck, Greater Akron Dietetic Association</P><P>Cindy Cassell, Greater Cincinnati Dietetic Association</P><P>Heather Butscher, Cleveland Dietetic Association</P><P>Heather McCormick, Columbus Dietetic Association</P><P>Angie Sims, Dayton Dietetic Association</P><P>Zara Rowlands, Mahoning Valley Dietetic Association</P><P>Denise Reed, Mohican Area Dietetic Association</P><P>Joann Gruner, Northwest Ohio Dietetic Association</P><P>Dawn Wagner, Stark County Dietetic Association</P><P>A special thank you this year as well to Pat McKnight and Tekla Madaras and the legislation public policy team for supporting Online ADA Public Policy workshop and ODA Public Advocacy Day. I know this was a huge undertaking that required lots of coordination. Also, I'd like to thank Lynn Esselstein, the Communications Coordinator who helped with so many behind the scenes activities to keep all informed. </P><P>And, Suzanne Cryst, President elect. Suzanne brings a wealth of ADA experience to the Board. Best wishes for a great 2009/2010 ODA year to Suzanne and the entire 2009/2010 Board !</P><DIV>Board Roster <BR><BR>Our Board accomplished a great deal and you can view our activities and accomplishments in the next month or so on the ODA website. I'd also like to thank Jeannine Windbigler and Betsey Zych from WindRae LTD from our Association Management Firm. They keep the business flowing while we work in our regular jobs. Thanks Jeannine and Betsey.</DIV>