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Dietitian Nominated for Statewide Ohio Hospital Association Award

Columbus district ODA members are always pleased to claim Ainsley Malone, MS,RD,LD,CNSD as one of our members. Ainsley was recently nominated for a statewide award. The Ohio Hospital Association selects a Health Care Worker of the Year for the Albert E. Dyckes award. Each hospital selects a nominee for this award. Ainsley was selected to represent Mount Carmel West Hospital . The nomination cites Ainsleys extensive knowledge base and her sincere passion for her work. The nomination cites Ainsley, Nutrition Support Team Dietitian, as a guiding force in her field and for her work nationally. ADA members know Ainsley for her many contributions to the profession. Currently she serves as At-Large Delegate to the House of Delegates and on the Evidence Based Practice Committee. She is past chair of her DPG " Dietitians in Nutrition Support and is currently on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Ainsleys sixteen page vitae includes many publications and presentations. Thank you Ainsley for representing both your practice area and dietetics in such an outstanding manner. You make us proud !