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Performance Nutrition Symposium

October 1-2, 2010 - Abbott Labs, Ross Park

<DIV>Bridging the Gap Between the Laboratory and the Field</DIV><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>Sponsored by:&nbsp; Abbott Nutrition and National Strength and Conditioning Association<BR><BR>Location:&nbsp; Columbus, Ohio</DIV><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>Clinic Site:&nbsp; Abbott Labs</DIV><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>Meeting Location:&nbsp; Ross Park, 3300 Stelzer Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219</DIV><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>CDR has approved this&nbsp;Symposium for a&nbsp;total of 16 CE hours.<BR><BR>For more information, click here:&nbsp; <A href=""></A>&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR></DIV><DIV>To register, click here:&nbsp;Click here <BR><BR>Click here for Flyer <BR><BR></DIV>