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HealthSpan Solutions sponsor breakfast

FNCE 2010 - Monday, November 8, 2010, 6:45 am

<P>6:45 a.m. - Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel</P><P>HealthSpan Solutions, a joint venture with Danone Medical Nutrition, and maker of BeneVia sponsor this breakfast and provide continuing education.</P><P>Dr. John Morley, MSSB, Professor of Geriatrics at Saint Louis University Medical School will provide an engaging session and address the new sarcopenia guidelines on active snacking and therapeutic response for healthy aging.</P><P><B>About BeneVia</B></P><P>BeneVia is a fortified and balanced therapeutic nutritional beverage that was scientifically developed by key Physicians and assists you in meeting your nutritional goals. Clinical research has shown that BeneVia with ViaLeupro TM, patented protein source with luecine, is four times more effective than other protein sources for improving muscle function and energy levels for daily activity.</P><P>The four varieties of light, fruit-based BeneVia have been clinically tested and more importantly taste delicious:</P><UL type=disc><LI><B>Strength & Energy - </B>With ViaLeuPro a protein and leucine blend to help you with muscle recovery (and skydiving!). Strength & Energy flavor is Lemon & Cranberry. Only 100 calories per bottle.</LI></UL><UL type=disc><LI><B>Memory & Focus- </B>With Omega3- DHA and the antioxidant Lutein all important for healthy brain function. Memory & Focus flavor is Peach & Mango. Only 100 calories per bottle.</LI></UL><UL type=disc><LI><DIV><B>Heart Health -</B> With ViaLeuPro protein and leucine blend & Phytosterols providing the only oral supplement on the market that targets both high cholesterol and high triglycerides. The Heart Health flavor is Pineapple & Lulo. Only 35 calories per bottle. <BR></DIV><LI><B>Immune Protect - </B>With Arginine and Omega3- DHA. as vitamins A, C and E that promote a healthy immune system. Immune Protect flavor is Blueberry & Pomegranate. Only 100 calories per bottle.</LI></UL><P>HealthSpan, a joint venture with Dannon, the makers of BeneVia offers CEs for Nutrition Professionals and also Healthcare Professionals Sample kits to learn more about these programs please email<A href="" target=_blank></A>. For more information about BeneVia, including nutritional profiles and retail availability, please visit<A href="" target=_blank></A>.</P>