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Greater Akron Dietetic Association

First meeting of the year

GADA had their first meeting of the year with great success. The theme was a "Meet n Greet" held at a local winery, Viking Vineyards in Kent, OH. RD's within the association paired up with dietetic students from the University of Akron to research an herb or food for health benefits along with a recipe to prepare for tasting at the event. The event began with an ice breaker in which each attendee received an ingredient upon registration and found the table with their ingredient and recipe. During the icebreaker the participants could taste the food items, review the recipes and research articles The following foods were prepared and served by the RD/student team: Cucumber Garlic Dip with Raw Vegetable; Saffron Rice with Creamy Turmeric Lentils; Italian Butter and Bread; Clove Cranberry Sauce; Zesty Walnut Hummus; Ginger Crinkle Cookies; Diet Chocolate Cake and Red Wine (for those of age). All GADA Board members were introduced followed by a presentation from the University of Akron Nutrition Advisory Committee and a presentation/discussion from each RD/student team on the health benefits of the food/herb. The event ended with the wine propitiators, Jeff and Dana Nelson's overview of the winery from finding the property and planting the first vines to the beautiful Lakeview Room that the meeting was held in. A great time was had by all 71 participants, YES 71!! Please click on the hotlink below for photos.