Preneed Master Trust


Now is the time to discover why the OFDA Master Trust is the best choice! For over 30 years the OFDA Master Trust has been providing its members with a versatile and secure product. With the safety of our minimum crediting rate, paired with our great rate of returns, the OFDA Master Trust increases a
funeral home’s valuation and bottom line. The added ability to retain up to a 10% Initial Service Fee on the front end and retain the growth on the back end (on guaranteed contracts), we are certain there is a place for us in your portfolio.

What are the features and benefits of the Master Trust?

Our product allows participating funeral homes to benefit from an up market AND receive protection against a down market with our 3% minimum crediting rate. The Master Trust can be used for all your preneed clients, or just a few. With no minimum deposit requirement, this trust is ideal for someone making payments, as well as the lump-sum, paid-in-full customer.

  • 3% Minimum Crediting Rate (as of 7.1.17)

  • No Minimum Deposit Requirements, Age Restrictions or Chargebacks

  • Credit Card and Electronic Check Acceptance Through OFDA terminal

  • Up to 10% Initial Service Fee Paid to Funeral Home (on guaranteed contracts)

  • Online Contracts

  • Approved Institutional Depositor with ARPPS - Master Trust Will Submit Report and Payment for Your Convenience

  • Quarterly Reports and Online Account Balances

How can you get started?

For more information concerning the OFDA Master Trust, including rate of return history, email Laura Dempsey or call the office today. The OFDA Master Trust’s performance has been highly competitive. Maximize your preneed dollars and Trust with us!