2018 Ohio Stars of the Industry Nomination Form

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Why should the nominee receive this award? Please include examples (contributions to the hotel, leadership, awards, community involvement, volunteer activities, outstanding stories, etc.) Please refrain from using the nominee's or property's name.

Hospitality Leadership Team of the Year

If you have nominated a STAR from your property, you are also eligible to nominate your team for the Hospitality Leadership Team of the Year Award! See below:
If nominating your hotel staff for Hospitality Leadership Team of the Year, please explain why you believe your team should receive this award? How does your team go above and beyond for the hotel? (Please include examples, stories, community involvement, other awards)
Stars of the Industry Awards “Helpful Hints”
Have you ever wondered –Where does this employee fit best?
• First note which department they work in
• Whether they are management or non-management
Server of the Year (non-management)
Servers, Wait staff, Kitchen personnel
Housekeeper of the Year (non-management)
Employees of the Housekeeping Department
Front Desk Associate of the Year (non-management)
Front Desk, Bell Person, Concierges
Hospitality Leadership Team of the Year
Award for hotel staff as a team (must have a nominee in one other category to be eligible.)
Supervisor/Manager of the Year
Managers or Supervisors from any Department
Rockstar of the Year (non-management)
Recognizes employees from behind the scenes
such as Accounting, Engineering, Business Office, Chef
General Manager of the Year
General Managers from any member property
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