Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association

OHSBCA Poll Voting Guidelines

Eligible Poll Voters have two voting responsibilities:

State Coaches Poll:  Member Teams are rated in each of the four divisions four times each spring. Poll champions are recognized at the state clinic. There are 32 voting coaches in each division.

All-Ohio Coaches Poll Team: The poll coaches in each division select an All-Ohio Team. All players, of member schools, are eligible (not just seniors). Each division selects a Player of the Year (POY) and a Coach-of-the-Year (COY). They are recognized by the wire services and are awarded a plaque at the annual convention.

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Poll Voting begins 4/19/2018 and runs Thursday through Saturday until 5/12/2018 for Team Rankings.   Poll Team All-Ohio voting runs 5/17-20/2018

  1. 32 coaches vote in each division.
  2. Coaches must be a member of the OHSBCA in order to vote, be ranked, or nominate for All-Ohio
  3. Any head coach who is interested in voting must complete an application and return it to the Poll Director or his district representative (on-line application from  May through September) 
  4. The number of coaches voting in a district will vary, determined by the number of coaches in their respective district. (Determined by member coaches per District/Division)
  5. Coaches selected to vote will be notified by their Dist. Reps and their names / emails will be put on the website.
  6. The Poll will be conducted for 4 consecutive weeks. Ballots will be e-mailed to eligible poll voters and recorded between Thursday and Saturday of the indicated weeks, beginning the 4th week of the season. Results will be online the following Monday.

    Poll Voting Schedule for 2018:
    Week 1:  April 19
    Week 2:  April 26
    Week 4:  May 3
    Week 5:  May 10

  7. If your team deserves recognition, or if you have a player who should be considered All-State, be sure that the voters have the needed information before Thursday of the balloting
  8. Poll results will be submitted to the ohsbca.org website beginning April 18th.
  9. Coaches who are eligible to vote will receive their ballots during the first week in April.
  10. A fifth ballot, on May 17-20, will be the All-Ohio Coaches Poll Team Ballot.

~ Curt Karpinski
State Poll Director