Ohio News Media Foundation Journalism Grant Application

The Ohio News Media Foundation will make grants available to ONMA members for local journalism projects and assignments that wouldn’t be otherwise be funded or executed as well without financial support. The Foundation anticipates making grants in the range of $250 to $1,500 for worthy projects until budgeted funds are exhausted each year (although higher amounts can also be occasionally considered).

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Grant Request Specifics

1) Briefly describe the journalistic project, story or similar purpose for which funding is sought.
2) How would the funds be utilized? Be specific and describe or attach a budget if this will help us understand your request.
3) What is the timeline? When do you need to receive funds, and when do you expect publication of the results?
4) If you are successful in executing your purpose, what outcome or results may occur?
5) How critical is this funding to achieve your purpose? What are your alternatives or what are the consequences if funding is not provided through this grant program?

If you have supporting material, background explanation, story clips, etc., relevant to your proposal, please upload or attach. You can add these attachments after the following page. To get there click "next" below then on the following page click "submit."

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