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The Ohio Ophthalmological Society (OOS) is a statewide, non-profit professional organization whose member ophthalmologists are medical doctors specializing in the total care and treatment of the eyes and visual system. For moreinformation about the Ohio Ophthalmological Society, contact us at:

To apply for membership in the OOS, click below for a printable application for membership.

OOS Membership Application

OOS Membership Types

The OOS offers two different types of membership

A Practice Member is a group or solo practice who joins the OOS to receive the maximum level of benefits and services available. In this structure - all ophthalmologists in a practice are members of the OOS and they and their staff will have access to all of our services.

An Individual Member is an ophthalmologist who would like to be a member of the OOS in a situation where the group practice may not choose to join. This is an individual membership for the ophthalmologist only and does not provide the same level of services as the Practice Member. A solo practitioner must join at the Practice Member level in order to receive all benefits and services.

Common Membership Questions

If we join a practice, do the physicians have to join individually too?

No, a practice membership automatically covers all of the ophthalmologists in the practice, along with the entire staff. For those physicians who have never been members of the OOS, a data form will be sent to them individually to collect information necessary to update our database.


How is the number of physicians in the practice determined? What date is used?

The size of your practice and thus the amount of your practice dues ~ is based on the total number of ophthalmologists who are partners or who are employed in your practice at all locations as of the date you join. Dues are renewed on an annual basis and are due at the start of each calendar year. Educational institutions should count the number of full-time faculty, but not part-time faculty, residents or fellows.


How will offices owned by a physician practice management company be handled?

All of the offices actually owned by a PPMC (i.e., all offices owned by the same corporation) will be treated as one practice. Ophthalmology offices that are separate corporations or who have a management contract with -- but are not actually owned by -- a PPMC are considered separate practices.


How do we verify members of our practice?

The easiest way to verify who is in your practice is to submit practice letterhead with your response form. The names you submit are who will be coded as an OOS member under your practice membership. If there are any additions or deletions on your documentation, please mark the changes and explain (i.e., date left or hired).


Is it possible to spread the dues payments out over a period of time?

You have the option of paying your dues all at once (by check or credit card) or in equal monthly installments. Your dues invoice will offer these options.


What is the cost of membership?

Practice Membership option:
Provides full membership for all ophthalmologists in the practice, as well as member benefits for non-physician employees and the practice itself. (Physicians with a practice membership do not also have to have an individual membership.) Dues are based on the number of ophthalmologists in the practice.

in Practice
Fee per practice Per Physician
That Decreases Dues To:
1 $450 $450
2 $860 $430
3 $1,260 $420
4 $1,640 $410
5 $2,000 $400
6 $2,300 $390
7 $2,660 $380
8 $2,960 $370
9 $3,240 $360
10 or more $350 per physician $350

Individual Membership option:
This is a personal membership for the ophthalmologist only. Ophthalmologists with an individual membership may take advantage of some of the OOS benefits personally, but these services are not available for entire practice or non-physician employees. Due to their nature, some member benefits are available only to practices and, thus, require a practice membership.

Annual Individual Member Rate: $ 450.00