ACOFP VP Among Leaders Visiting White House

ACOFP Vice President Carol Henwood, DO, FACOFP dist. joined AOA President-elect Norman Vinn, DO, FACOFP, and AOA Immediate Past-President Martin Levine, DO, FACOFP dist., Sept 27, for a briefing at the White House.

The group met with Advisor to the President & Deputy Chief of Staff to the President Nancy Ann DeParle, Director of the Office of Health Reform of Health and Human Services (HHS) Mike Hash, and Administrator of Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) Mary Wakefield. 

The Administration invited certain physician associations to attend a meeting about the improvement of education and outreach for the Affordable Care Act. Attendees were able to talk with the Administration about the challenges in educating people about the ACA, strategies the association has used to overcome those challenges and suggestions of ways to best partner and improve education and outreach to practicing physicians.


 (From Left to Right, Martin Levine, DO; Norman Vinn, DO; and Carol Henwood, DO)