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Employer-Based Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Employer-Based Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Are you an employer who needs to train technicians and wonders how to meet the board of pharmacy requirements for an employer-based training?

OPA now offers two Employer-Based Pharmacy Technician Training Programs for purchase by a pharmacist.

1. OPA’s Pharmacy Technician Training Program
The OPA Pharmacy Technician Training Program will help walk your pharmacy technician trainees through the steps of becoming a Registered Pharmacy Technician in Ohio. You can buy this program Complete with a training protocol, worksheets for major areas of testing and a program satisfaction survey, this program will help make sure your technicians are adequately trained to meet state board standards. A sample exam and template for certificate of completion of the training are also included.

The materials in this training program supplement resources you may already use for teaching medical and pharmaceutical terminology, symbols, federal and state laws/regulations that affect pharmacy practice, your pharmacy’s QA training, etc. If you need resources for medical terminology and symbols, law, etc. the Pharmacy Certified Technician Training Manual is available for purchase on the OPA website under the Technician tab.

OPA Member price: $99      OPA Non-member cost: $150

>>Order OPA's Pharmacy Technician Training Program Now<<

Reference: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy requirements for an employer-based training program can be found in rule 4729:3-3-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code (

2. PassAssured Employer-Based Pharmacy Technician Training Program
Tech Certification by PassAssured!
OPA is pleased to announce the availability of a Pharmacy Technician education resource to aid technicians in achieving the goal of becoming a PTCB or ExCPT certified pharmacy technician. The PassAssured Pharmacy Technician Training Program features:
Interactive Multimedia, Self-paced Learning Experience
240 Hours of Curriculum
1,200 Question Sets in Testing Database
Computer and Tablet based
Completely Online
Completely preps for the national certifying exams
Use wherever there is internet
Meets the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s didactic requirement for on-the-job training
The supervising pharmacist has the ability to track the technician’s progress while he/she is completing the program
The PassAssured product is also used in the Ohio public school system

The cost of the PassAssured program is only $299, which includes tax.

>>Order Employer-Based PassAssured Pharmacy Technician Training Program Now<<

Additional home-study training resources are also available
to order HERE.

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