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New OARRS rules for pharmacist delegates begin March 13!

Last year, legislators passed SB 301, which alters the laws governing submission to and requests for information from the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). Specifically, this law allows pharmacists to designate “delegates” within the pharmacy to access and use the OARRS system. While this law doesn't officially go into effect until March 13, 2013, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy is already gearing up for the rule change, and has given guidelines for pharmacies, pharmacists, and delegates to follow.


  • Be sure you have an OARRS account if you anticipate having a delegate run the OARRS report for you. If you do not have an account yet, send your application as soon as possible; do not get caught in the flood of delegate applications the Board is expecting.
  • Be sure your account is current and correct. Log in and click on “My Account.” The e-mail address is where OARRS will send information or questions to you.
  • Do not allow anyone to use your username and password. Every person needs his or her own account to access OARRS.
  • The responsible person on a TDDD license should be the supervisor of each technician or support staff person in that pharmacy who will have OARRS access.
  • Every pharmacist who has one or more pharmacist delegates:
    • You are responsible for all OARRS activity linked to your account. To help you monitor the activity, you will receive bi-weekly e-mails that summarize all requests linked to your account.
    • When an OARRS delegate is no longer under your supervision, fax an “Add/Remove Delegate” form (available on the OARRS Web site) to OARRS. The fax number, 614/644-8556, is also listed on the form.
    • A delegate’s only responsibility is to obtain the OARRS report. A pharmacist is still responsible for interpretation of the data.

Pharmacy Technicians/Support Staff

  • OARRS accounts will be available in mid-March. Send your application early to receive a username and password as soon as the law becomes effective.
  • Be sure your supervising pharmacist already has an OARRS account. This pharmacist may be the responsible pharmacist on the pharmacy’s TDDD license.
  • Do not use anyone else’s username and password to access OARRS.
  • Do not allow anyone to use your username and password to access OARRS.

Pharmacy Students – Interns and Externs

  • A student on rotation does not need an OARRS account. The preceptor should obtain the OARRS report for use as a teaching tool.
  • A student working in a pharmacy (not part of a pharmacy school rotation) may register as a pharmacist delegate, supervised by a pharmacist at that pharmacy.