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Steps to Move From Frustrated to Motivated

Frame goals as beneficial achievements versus chores to be accomplished

I remember a time when someone, possibly me, had a lot of trouble getting motivated. This was not fun.

Three years ago, I starred in a suspense film titled Oh Good God, I Have To Write My Second Book. Some might be thinking: “That must have been easy, you’ve done it before.” Oh No No No No — that’s not how it works. First time out you have no idea what’s going on. It’s stressful but you can naively jump into the maelstrom. However, after you’ve been to war, you now know just how hard it’s all going to be. Once bitten, twice shy.

From proposal to writing to release and marketing it takes years. This is not a marathon where you run 26 miles; it’s a marathon where you run until you die. And I had to emotionally prepare myself for the relentless everything that lie ahead. I felt like I received a “motivation overdraft” notice from my bank. Sorry, not enough here to cover the bill you’re trying to pay.

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