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Return to Office Plans Are Getting Pinched by Inflation, Energy Prices

Life has gotten more expensive for in-office workers

More than two and a half years after the onset of the pandemic, many companies are doing their best to incentivize workers who were able to do their jobs remotely to pile back into offices and other on-site facilities. But among the 70 million or so U.S. workers who can do their jobs remotely, which amounts to roughly 56 percent of full-time employees across the country according to Gallup, workers are even more resistant to coming back on-site now than they were a year ago.

Earlier this year, 59 percent of Americans with the ability to work remotely were doing so most or all of the time, up considerably from the 23 percent who did so before the pandemic, per data from Pew Research. And while some companies have embraced remote work, others are still trying to find ways to get employees back at their desks.

But there’s a good reason so many people are still evidently resistant of returning to the office: Coming into work every day isn’t cheap.

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