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Building Your Hybrid Workplace Toolkit, Day 3

Staying focused

This is Day 3 of ASAE's five-day hybrid workplace toolkit series. Day 1 was about building a travel kit, and Day 2 was about reviewing the timing for your commute. Stay tuned for two additional exercises.

A prevailing theme of the remote work experiment during the pandemic was that people were actually just as, if not more, productive at home than they were in the office. Many attributed this to the fact that while home has plenty of distractions (e.g., childcare, household chores, etc.), the distractions of office life were suddenly gone, and workers could focus more easily.

If you’ve transitioned to hybrid work, you’ll need to reacclimate yourself to getting in the zone amid the distractions of a shared workspace. And once you get used to office life again, you may have to double down on your efforts to eliminate at-home distractions. But there are tools and techniques to stay focused, no matter your environment.

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