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Revamping Your Employee Onboarding Process in the Post-COVID World

First rule: Virtual coffee is important

The Great Resignation of 2021, where roughly 33 million workers quit their jobs, proved that people want to work for organizations who treat them well and prioritize work-life integration. There is no better time for your organization to set the tone of how well you plan to support staff—both in your words and actions—than when bringing on a new employee.

Until the pandemic hit, our onboarding efforts at McKinley Advisors, like most companies, relied heavily on the physical office space. New hires were greeted by their managers, who showed them around, introduced them to colleagues, and got them settled at a desk with a computer and system access. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and team meetings helped new employees learn about the company, its people, and its norms. It all was very social and interactive—until 2020 came around. Like so many others, we had to shift our reliance on physical space and focus on providing virtual onboarding. Here are some tips for overhauling your onboarding playbook to meet today’s needs.

Never underestimate the power of virtual coffees

I (Tim) joined McKinley Advisors on March 2, 2020, and spent exactly eight days in the office, grabbing lunch with new colleagues, watching them engage with association clients and more. On the eighth day, COVID-19 restrictions started, and we went fully virtual.

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