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AT&T Ohio

AT&T Ohio

AT&T Ohio

AT&T Ohio is the premier provider of full service communications for people at work, at home and on the move. We serve more than 3.8 million access lines located in portions of 61 Ohio counties.

Last year, we invested $1.1 billion in the state through a variety of business, economic development and philanthropic initiatives. This illustrates our commitment to supporting the communities where we live and operate.

Investing in Ohioans

Part of AT&T Ohio's investment throughout the state is in its people. AT&T Ohio employs more than 9,600 Ohioans, with at state payroll exceeding $468 million. Furthermore, AT&T companies provide support exceeding $205 million to critical state programs through annual taxes.

Investing in Ohio's Technology Future

As part of AT&T Ohio's ongoing network infrastructure investment program, designed to enhance service to all Ohioans, the company invested more than $260 million in its telecommunications infrastructure last year. In fact, AT&T recently broke ground in Ohio on Project Lightspeed, a $4 to $6 billion investment accelerating its fiber deployment, bringing the next generation of Internet Protocol-based services to 18 million households nationwide with super high-speed data, video and voice services within three years.

By investing in Ohio technology, AT&T Ohio provides the latest in communications capabilities, equipping the state and its residents for success now and in the future.

Investing in Ohio Communities

Last year alone, AT&T Ohio gave more than $3 million to charitable organizations and important community initiatives statewide through our foundation, corporate contributions, employee donations, and other community investments.

Whether through investments which make our lives simpler and more productive or through donations to our local communities, AT&T Ohio remains committed to Ohio and furthering our state as a technology leader.

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