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Vaughnsville Telephone Company

Vaughnsville Telephone Company

VaughnsvilleThe Vaughnsville Telephone Company is an independent  member owned cooperative that has been creating community connections in  the Vaughnsville community and surrounding area since 1937.

From the very beginning when customers owned their own phones, wires and poles, the focus of The Vaughnsville Telephone Company has been to provide the absolute best level of customer service possible. Unlike the large corporations, who we compete with everyday, as a member owned cooperative our focus is on service -- not on profit.

Times have changed since that day in 1937 when our owners turned over their equipment to the company in exchange for a $ .50 reduction in the phone bill, and we have changed with the times. Whereas in 1937 communication primarily meant having a simple verbal conversation with another person, today communication is more about bandwidth, sharing data and digital information. In 2008, recognizing that our name, The Vaughnsville Telephone Company was not reflective of the services we were offering, we filed with the Ohio Secretary of State office to begin doing business as Vaughnsville Communications.

Today, we still offer local telephone service but have expanded our services to providing Internet, IPTV, and wireless internet through NW NET INC. We also maintain interest in a number of joint ventures with other rural communication companies to provide and  maintain the latest technology.

Thanks for visiting our web site. Feel free to browse our pages and please contact us or stop by our office if you have questions. What are you waiting for? Join A Community That Cares, Vaughnsville Communications

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