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Pennsylvania College Counseling Association (PCCA)

The Pennsylvania College Counseling Association (PCCA) is a division of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA) for professional counselors with an interest in issues related to college counseling and other areas of student service in higher education. Professionals working within this realm can benefit from having expanded and appropriate resources for consultation and support from a network of like-minded professionals, as working with this population can present a unique set of challenges.

The Purpose of PCCA is:

  • To promote the purpose of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA)

  • To provide a professional college counseling network and forum

  • To provide professional development and referral resources

  • To promote state licensure and the profession of college counseling

  • To promote ethical and responsible professional practice

PCCA Membership

Membership is open to professionals from Pennsylvania’s public and private universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical institutions who identify as counselors and promote college student development. Students engaged in graduate counseling programs, retired professionals, or other professional counselors interested in issues relating to college counseling are also welcome. Membership provides the benefit of opportunities for communication and exchange of ideas among professional counselors who span service areas and institutional settings.

To Join PCCA:

  • You may join PCCA online as part of your PCA membership by adding PCCA as a division, or contact for an application.

  • PCCA annual membership dues are $10 for professionals and $5 for students and retirees

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